The LARG Amateur Radio Projects

      Over the past several years, our Radio Group and its members have undertaken many amateur radio construction projects. We will record for history and hopefully for future members how these were designed, built, tested and used.  Where possible we will include the characteristics and how well they performed.

      We have opened the following pages that describe several of the recent projects.

Android Amateur Radio Applications - Click Here
       Inotative Android Programming for Amateur Radio Applications including downloadable "Ham Finder" Application. Never be lost again and log your counties by Ben Pearson - KD7UIY.
Motorized Winch for TX-472 Tower - Click Here
       Add a motor for your winch on your large crank up tower by Jeff Crawford, K0ZR.
Receiver Test Data by Sherwood Engineering Inc. - Click Here
       Grade Your Equipment
AB-577 Antenna Mast
       This mast is used on many emergency and public service communicaions operation by the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group.

Operator's Manual for AB-577 Antenna Mast
With Additional Support Reports

Local Repeater Service Call
       Several members of the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group routinely assists local repeater owners and operators.

Service Call on W4DLS Repeater - February 2011
Reported & Photographs by Rick Miller - AI1V of Reston, Virginia

Earth-Moon-Earth Communications
       Presentations & Projects By The LARG EME Operators

A Three Part Presentation On:
EME on a Budget: Moonbounce for the Rest of Us
by Paul Bock, K4MSG, of Hamilton, Virginia - May 2013

Digital Modes
       Presentations & Projects By The LARG Digital Operators

Digital Modes Power Point Presentation
by Gary Strong - AI4IN to LARG on November 21, 2009

Loudoun Amateur Radio Group Equipment Sale And Exchange
       The LARG And Members Post Their Excess Stuff

The W4SSN Equipment Sale
by Dale Harrison - K3CN

Large Photographs of W4SSN's Equipment - Click Here

The WD5JDQ Equipment Sale es Exchange
by Norm Styer - AI2C

"Taming A Hot Brick" By Paul Bock - K4MSG de Hamilton, Virginia
       The Following Three Articles By Paul Bock Provide Insight Into Cooling VHF-UHF Amplifiers
Taming A Hot Brick
For Meteor Burst Communications
Follow-Up Notes To
"Taming A Hot Brick"
2nd Follow-Up On
"Taming A Hot Brick"

Vibroplex Bugs Reports by Paul Bock - K4MSG
        The Following Articles Provide Insight Into The Favorites Of CW Operators

Some Bug Stuff History Notes On Vibroplex On Identifying and Dating Vibroplex "Bugs"
Renovating KD4CSO's 1943 Vibroplex "Original" Bug Codes Used in Early Wireless Telegraphy

Vintage Stations Of Paul Bock - K4MSG
       These Articles By Paul Bock Provide Insight Into The Tube-Age Amateur Radio Stations

Experiencing the Past: The Magic of "Boatanchors" with Drake
Paul's Station Circa 1950 Paul's Station Circa 1998 Paul's Station Circa 2006
Hallicrafters SX-42 Receiver Paul's DRAKE Station - Vintage Stuff A Pair of Vintage HF Stations

Other Unique Radio Projects and Articles
       Offered Here By Members of The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group

Spi-Ro T-40 Traps in a Multiband Dipole By Paul Bock - K4MSG of Hamilton, Virginia
Repairing Unadilla (W2VS) 40m Antenna Traps By Paul Bock - K4MSG of Hamilton, Virginia
Amazing 75-Meter Hustler Dipole At AI1V
LARG Assists New England Historical Radio Society with Transmitter Procurement for Maritime Coast Station WNE
Bringing An Old Pro Back To Life - The LARG's Kenwood TS-930 Club HF Transceiver
by Rick Miller - AI1V
VHF - UHF Antenna Stacking Antenna Article By William B. Seabreeze, W3IY (SK)
Edited and Posted by Paul Bock, K4MSG, Hamilton, Virginia on May 14, 2011
Review of a Gulf Alpha 8-element
432 MHz Yagi Prototype Antenna
by Paul Bock - K4MSG
Review Of TE System 1412G
2-Meter Power Amplifier
by Paul Bock - K4MSG
Tech Notes Of Interest
On Our Many Projects and Operations
8-Element 432 Quagi
by Paul Bock - K4MSG
Where To Get Stuff
by Tom Dawson - WB3AKD
SWR and Wattmeter Kit
by Norm Styer - AI2C
Multiband HF Antennas
Windom Antenna - Revisited
by Bill Buchholz - K8SYH
Hot Battery Swap Circuit
by Pete McNeil - KF4HCW

2 Meter Quad Antenna
By Erik Werner - KD5CTJ

Fox Hunter's Antenna
by Denny Boehler - KF4TJI

Fox Hunter's Attenuator
by Denny Boehler - KF4TJI

EMI of High Efficiency Bulbs by Tom Dawson - WB3AKD
       Light Them Up - Click Here
Battery Charging Station by Norm Styer - AI2C
       Keep Them Up - Click Here


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