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The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group of Loudoun County in Northern Virginia, founded in July 1993, is a family oriented club with a wide variety of activities and interests including public service, emergency communications support, high altitude balloon radio, camera and video flights, fox hunts, contesting and DX-ing. Our premier events are the annual K4LRG operation in the June ARRL Field Day,  the Reston Century Ride Operation in August, and the Lovettsville Oktoberfest in September.
We are an affiliated club of the American Radio Relay League and many of our members support the Amateur Radio Emergency Service of Loudoun County. We encourage advancement in the art of amateur radio communications and offer several training courses each year.
LARG members regularly participate in domestic and international radio contests and are among the best, having won many club and individual awards, including Commonwealth high scores in the Virginia QSO Party.

Upcoming Club Meetings / Events for 2015/2016   

Weekly Luncheons - Mondays at noon, Leesburg Wegmans (upstairs)


Holiday Dinner- Saturday Dec 5 at 1800 hours
By reservation (rsvp to K2BFY)


LARG Monthly Meeting - Saturday, January 16 at 0830 hours

LARG Monthly Meeting - Saturday, Februrary 20 at 0830 hours

LARG Monthly Meeting - Saturday, March 12 at 0830 hours
(note, 2nd Sat b/c VA QSO Party)

VA QSO Party - Sat-Sun, March 19-20
be sure to list LARG as your club

WinterFest- Sunday, March 20 at 0800-1300 hours
N3EV reserved 2 tables for LARG members

LARG Monthly Meeting - Saturday, April 16 at 0830 hours

LARG Monthly Meeting - Saturday, May 21 at 0830 hours

DAYTON Hamvention- Friday - Sunday, May 20 - 22

Mannasas Hamfest - Sunday, June 12

LARG Monthly Meeting - Saturday, June 18 at 0830 hours

ARRL K4LRG Field Day - Friday - Saturday - Sunday, June 24, 25 26
2016 big board and setup info

LARG Monthly Meeting - Saturday, July 16 at 0830 hours

Berryville Hamfest - Sunday, August 2
gates open 6am, inside vendors at 8am, testing at 12pm

LARG Monthly Meeting - Saturday, August 20 at 0830 hours

Reston Century (Support)- Sunday, TBD at 0600 hours
see LARG reflector for more info or sign up sheet

LARG Monthly Meeting - Saturday, September 17 at 0830 hours

Lovetsville Oktoberfest - Sat, September TBD
(operation plan on reflector)

LARG Monthly Meeting - Saturday, October 15 at 0830 hours

LARG Monthly Meeting - Saturday, November 19 at 0830 hours

LARG Holiday Dinner-December, TBD

Monthly Meetings held at
Leesburg Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
at 605 West Market Street, Leesburg
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Regular Radio Nets

(times in local Eastern Time)
Sunday 7:30 PM

LARG Digital Watering Hole  
Winter (Nov-Mar)
3583.75 kHz in Olivia 500 / 8
Summer (Mar-Nov)
7073.25 kHz in Olivia 500 / 8

Sunday 8:30 PM

LARG 2-Meter FM Radio Net:
W4DLS Repeater
- 145.310 MHz (PL 77) 

-146.700 MHz ( no PL)

- Simplex - 147.480 MHz

Monday 8:00 PM
LARG 220 Experiment - 
K3MAD Frederick MD Repeater on a frequency of 224.200 with a 123 Hz PL tone
Tuesday 8:00 PM LARG Slow Speed CW Net - 3545.00 kHz
Wednesday, 8:00 PM LARG 6M SSB Net  - 50.125 MHz
Thursday 8:00 PM

LARG 75m SSB Net - 3675.0 kHz

Thursday around 8:45 PM
(right after 75m net)

LARG 10m SSB Net - 28405.00 kHz

Commuter Net
(Mon - Fri)
147.480 MHz Simplex, W4DLS/R Repeater on 145.310 MHz (PL 77) or
WA4TXE Repeater on 146.700 MHz from 6:30 to 8:00 AM and again at 4:30 to 6:30 PM.


The Reston Century Ride

First Class Training

Since August of 2000, the LARG has deployed portable emergency communications stations throughout Loudoun County to support this 1000-plus bicycle ride. Rest stops and SAG Shot Guns are supported from well before dawn.   Read More

Since the mid-1990's, the LARG has offered free amateur radio license training. Many have progressed through the ranks to an FCC Extra Class Amateur Radio license. Our current efforts are focused on providing technical skills for the beginner.    Visit Ham Training

You will find many more of our public service and emergency communications event
at the "Emergencies, Public Service and Relations" link tabs above.

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